Social Media Management

Those who always make it a point to help others in their own simple ways deserve to get the special treatment even in terms of social management and here at ChangeGlobe, you get to experience exactly just that.

ChangeGlobe opens its doors to normal users, humanitarians, philanthropists and nonprofits alike that make it the best platform where these people can connect with one another while giving the support to each other.

ChangeGlobe platform pretty much works like your usual social networking sites by helping you take control of your social accounts. Here, you can interact with so many social media platforms and post every pictures and videos that you want to share with the whole world, especially those that concerns others who need help. Through this, you can get the chance to awaken the minds of others that the world is filled with those who can use some assistance, no matter how small or simple it might be.

You can also write your own blogs and share your thoughts and at the same time, follow bloggers whose writings you admire. ChangeGlobe also gives users the chance to send instant messages, share screens, conduct conference calls, and so much more. This is for the purpose of letting you get in touch with like-minded individuals who also want to lend a helping hand just like you.

Of course, it is important that you extend and expand your network as much as you can and to make this possible, the ability to manage your presence and brand on social medial accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and so much more.

What is even more exciting is that ChangeGlobe allows you to create a petitions, surveys, polls and more directly from ChangeGlobe into your social media dashboards to reach your targeted audience and supporters. Since ChangeGlobe is the one of a kind social management for humanitarians with easy intuitive navigation and features built for the common users and nonprofit organizations.