Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising - Harnessing Its Amazing Benefits in So Many Ways!

Everyone talks about peer-to-peer fundraising but do we really know what’s it all about or how to set to it up? ChangeGlobe have over a decade of fundraising experience working with so many verticals within the nonprofit sector throughout North America including training the Development Office and the Business Office. We understand your skill sets and your technology needs. Peer-to-Peer fundraising structure has taken off within the past 7 years and Special Olympics is a great example of how they use peer-to-peer fundraising for their benefits. ChangeGlobe designed peer-to-peer with that in mind.

It is human nature to be visual and ChangeGlobe designed the peer-to-peer structure that even the novice to the professional fundraisers will understand. If you can read an organizational chart, then you will understand peer-to-peer fundraising. Easy intuitive set-up that is not available anywhere in the current market to help support this idea.

Setting up a peer-to-peer hierarchy with drag and drop features to create your campaign couldn’t be any easier. It also gives the organization the ability to take a birds-eye view of their strategic fundraising initiatives with so much more clarity.

Using our method of peer-to-peer online fundraising the organization will reach their target potential constituents through a vast network of connections using social media platforms on ChangeGlobe. Your team members will be your fundraising solders actively participating, engaging and interacting with their friends, families and everyone in-between to help you meet your goals. With ChangeGlobe fundraising, you can expect to reach a larger pool of donors in a short period of time using our social media dashboards. In addition, ChangeGlobe provides an integrated solutions throughout our website to speed up your communications while giving back more of your personal time.

Once you connect with your donors through peer-to-peer fundraising, you can convert them into our moves management using social media dashboards by keeping them actively engaged. These are exciting time for the nonprofit sector, if you are a visionary as we are, you will agree with us. ChangeGlobe is not just an online fundraising website, we are truly providing you the support and infrastructure you need to meet your goals by making our world better!

Work smarter not harder!