The international organizations are focusing their efforts outside the United States borders. Human rights advocates, development relief organizations, security and peace nonprofits, and the organizations promoting international understand belong to this category.

  • International Relief Services and Development

    Organizations with the main purpose of providing material resources and technical assistance training for supporting efforts in capacity building of countries outside the US with focus on rural and agricultural development, education, health, social welfare, industrial growth and small business development. These also include organizations working to relieve cases of poverty in the developing countries through offering technical assistance, supplies and funds that can improve health, welfare, education, self-reliance and social wellbeing of families and individuals. Included as well are organizations providing relief services that respond to large scale emergencies and major disasters that happen abroad.

  • International Human Rights

    Organizations working for protection of the people all over the world from dental of civil liberties or rights and other arbitrary governmental harassment, interference or abuse because of their religious or political beliefs.

  • International Security and Peace

    Organizations promoting understanding and harmony among the nations either internationally or in a certain region of the world and/or participate in the activities promoting peaceful means of settling and managing international conflicts.

  • Promotion of International Understanding

    Organizations with the main purpose of promoting international understanding through activities like forums, trainings, events, and exchanges that allow people to develop appreciation for the other societies, their culture and traditions.

  • Services and Others

    Organizations that provide international services that are not included in other categories.