Arts, Humanities and Culture


The environmental organizations focus on the reclamation and preservation of the natural resources and for beautifying the planet. These can range from garden clubs, to wetlands management up to recycling programs.

  • Horticulture and Beautification

    Organizations involved in plant life cultivation for various purposes. These also include organizations which enhance aesthetic characteristics of built environment through the acquisition and preservation of the open spaces for the enjoyment of the public; planting flowers, shrubs and trees in the public places; conduction roadside cleanup and recycling campaigns; and engaging in other activities for environmental beautification.

  • Environmental Education and Conservation

    Organizations like nature centers providing informal classes that acquaint the participants with certain aspects of the environment and increase the appreciation and understanding of the ecological balance. These also include organizations protecting the natural resources from neglect, abuse, exploitation or waste and preserve the availability of these for the future generations.

  • Pollution

    Organizations seeking to make sure that communities have healthful and clean environment free from water and air pollution, pesticides as well as other risky substances, excessive noise levels and damaging radiation.

  • Services and Others

    Organizations that provide environment and animal services that are not included in other categories.