Education & Research


The nonprofits specializing in education promote intellectual development and learning from the cradle to the grave, preschools up to the post graduate schools and the adult learning programs. These even include the schools for the students that have special needs, the organizations that offer technical and vocational training, literacy programs, libraries, parent teacher groups, scholarships, and student organizations.

Research category is composed of technology, science and the social science institutes. The nonprofits belonging to this category focus on chemistry, astronomy, as well as other physical sciences; computer science, engineering, physiology, marine biology and other biological sciences; economics, anthropology, political science, international law and other social sciences, or the interdisciplinary fields like ethnic studies, black studies, labor studies, urban studies and gerontology.

  • University and College

    Educational institutions offering college level study courses that may lead to customary science or Bachelor of Arts degree. These also include the postsecondary educational institutions offering postgraduate study at masters or doctorate levels in addition to the undergraduate program for those who meet the entry level requirements and would like to pursue advanced education.

  • Secondary and Elementary

    These include elementary and secondary schools that offer formal education to the children and the adolescents.

  • Libraries

    These include facilities housing a collection of materials that include books, journals, manuscripts, government documents and the non-profit formats like musical recordings, paintings, data files, videotapes and films that are organized for easy access by the targeted users.

  • Research Institutes

    These include organizations with the main purpose of conduction research and public analysis in the major group area of education.

  • Technical, Vocational and Adult

    These include the separately organized vocational centers or trade high schools providing formal preparation for the skilled, semiskilled, professional or technical occupations for students of high school age or, in some instances, adults who like to hone skills for employment. These also include institutions outside the traditional system of the regular schools, universities, colleges and trade or technical schools providing opportunities for the adults to develop the basic communication and learning skills, complete their secondary education, expand knowledge in a certain discipline or field or hone skills in new areas of interest.

  • Services and Others

    Organizations that provide education and research services that are not included in other categories.