Arts, Humanities and Culture


Organizations that specialize in arts, humanities and culture bring performing arts to the general public; commemorate and preserve events, cultures and places that formed and continued shaping the nation; promote idea distribution. These can range from the small historical societies to famous art museums, the major theatrical venues up to the charities bringing arts to schools for promoting scholastic achievement and local access TV and radio to the main broadcasting services.

  • Historical Societies and Humanities

    Organizations that collect, interpret, and preserve historical heritage of a certain geographic location. These also include organizations promoting the teaching, appreciation and study of the humanities such as art history, archaeology, classical and modern languages, ethics and philosophy, comparative religion and theology.

  • Media

    Organizations involved in productions, programming, publishing or using any kind of media or in the media-related educational programs.

  • Museums

    Organizations that collect, preserve, exhibit, provide and research about the educational use of the works of art, artifacts or objects related to studying biology, botany, zoology, geology, mineralogy as well as other natural sciences; archaeology; history or technology and science.

  • Performing Arts

    Organizations that offer access to performing arts or various forms of art such as performing arts, or those which present series of performing arts.

  • Services and Others

    Organizations that provide humanities and art services that are not included in other categories.