About Us

With ChangeGlobe, the innate need to help and to change the world for the better always wins each and every time.

We originated from a unique idea that serving as the perfect channel will allow and bring more positive changes to the whole world! We bring do-gooders / humanitarians in the world together who voice their concerns. We want people to make positive changes in the world and to connect with other organizations that support their ideas and help them advocate these changes. ChangeGlobe is a platform that creates a cohesive and supporting community.

There are countless men and women that fight for our rights to live and they do this alone. In this community, we are fostering unity and support. Everybody benefits from a support system. Without a healthy support system, fight for human rights, social equalities, social justice takes a very long arduous journey and sometimes they lead nowhere.

This community connects humanitarians that care about the world with resources to help them champion our world. Every positive thought leads to positive actions, every positive action creates a change for the better and future generations. Every generation promises to be better than the previous and all we leave behind are memories of war, destruction and entitlement for the next generation to fix. In order to break this cycle, ChangeGlobe was created to bring unity and a voice to a community of humanitarians to help them fix our ongoing problems.

Today, there are a lot of people and organizations who are selfless in dedicating their lives in the advocacy of human rights, environmental issues, animal rights, etc. Unfortunately, many of them are struggling managing different communications across multiple platforms that are available. It’s too separated. Our goal is to bring these humanitarians and other organizations together and give them a wider range of community.

We address this concern. ChangeGlobe is born with the main purpose of connecting humanitarians and organizations that serve humanity by providing high-end technology that will serve as a single point of management. This perfectly combines all the great platforms into one to create an expansive and harmonious international community. We will work together to create a special and intimate world where funds are raised and lives are changed.

Changing the World is Our Aim

ChangeGlobe works with every user with the mission of accelerating social progress and providing an easy to use platform that will provide a dimension of diversity that will benefit our world for the many years to come. We are thinking about the future, not just today.

We serve as a catalyst with the use of our pioneering research, combined with our one-of-a-kind services and tools, and exceptional technologies. When combined together, our offerings help in raising everyone’s awareness on how these small acts of kindness can benefit many lives including the global organizations of today, while providing solutions and guidance on how to bond an actual change.

ChangeGlobe invites humanitarians and other organizations to join with us in building a better community that will change our society and benefit people’s lives for the better.

Our Core Values

We connect and we collaborate: We connect humanitarians, organizations, wisdom and information. We connect across all borders and people, nonprofits, philanthropy, business, government and everything in between. We create bridges to leverage the resources among the humanitarians and organizations, help them in building solid networks in their work and strengthening their infrastructure and overall capacity of the organization.

  • Are responsive and guided by the humanitarians and nonprofits: ChangeGlobe is accountable to the normal users and nonprofits by looking for input from the prospective members, members and by being proactive in providing value that will address the diverse needs for governance and management of nonprofit organizations. We rely users to help guide and their proactive development of our continuous learning community.

  • We pursue excellence and establishment of trust: We always aim for the best level of performance with transparency and high integrity. Our team is dependable, ethical and disciplined in every work that we do while promoting the best practices and making use of the fair practices in everything that we handle. We also help nonprofits in upholding these standards every time they set out to achieve their goals.

  • We carry a respectful and appreciative leadership: We act as leaders by listening to the people involved in the nonprofits spectrum. We speak with a voice that will draw on the wisdom of the nonprofit volunteers and staff as well as our very own collaborators and staff. We hope to represent the many different perspectives of the nonprofits, while influencing practices and policies and serving their best interests.